Eaton Interiors views each project as an individual canvas. My goal is to assist the client in developing his or her own style by integrating personal interests, culture, character and lifestyle. I visualize an entire project three dimensionally to include best usage of space, scale, proportion, detailed cabinetry and finishing touches.

I studied interiors, architecture and art in Cortona Italy, Virginia and Georgia, and began my profession in those southeastern states. My career continued on to Louisiana, Ohio, Washington, D.C. and Texas. I have worked for large architectural corporations, historical restoration architects, residential designers and my own professional practice. All these experiences influence and bring knowledge to my projects.

A Masters degree in Interior Design and 20 years of experience provide me with the ability to oversee every level of a project. In addition to interior design services, I provide architectural detailing, cabinetry design, exterior detailing, electrical and lighting placement, acoustics consultation, site and landscape design - all with timeless, exceptional taste. Additionally, I am proficient in AutoCAD architectural software, allowing me to communicate and work more efficiently with architects and contractors.

A successful project provides the client with a space they feel represents their own personal vision - and is aesthetically pleasing, functional, meticulous in detail and appears effortless. I limit the number of projects I accept at any one time to ensure my commitment to provide the highest level of quality possible.

References available upon request.

Eleanor M. Bond


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